(Video) Local Coventrian discovers part of the cities medieval wall

A local Coventrian was the first to find out about the new discovery of the long-lost part of the Cities medieval wall when it was discovered under the tarmac in Cox Street car park, previously home to Priory Baths, when specialists uncovered it doing surveying work before the construction of the £50m CODE student accommodation development.

The wall was built between 1355 and 1534 to protect Coventry which had become the fourth largest trading town in England, exporting it’s wool, cloths and yarns to the rest of England, Europe and beyond.

Work on the walls which protected the city first started in the 14th century. In 1662 however, after the restoration of the monarchy, in revenge for the support Coventry gave to the Parliamentarians during the Civil War the walls were demolished on the orders of King Charles II.

There were once 12 gates, but only two survive today in Swanswell and Cook Street, along with small stretches of the wall itself at various points across the city.

The video of local Coventrian Paul Curtis became an internet hit, and to make the experience even more enjoyable we slightly updated the video…

Did you know? Since this video, Paul now does a tour of the city wall each week! –
Paul can be contacted directly on 07846863604, by liking the FB group ‘Tour Our City Wall‘ or by emailing paulcurtis@thecoventrian.co.uk.

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