Ed’s Coffee House has Aroma of Success

Got a coffee aficionado to buy for this Christmas? Want to get them a sure-fire winner? Ed’s Coffee House at Coventry Retail Market and now also at Ricoh Arena and (until December 24th) Coventry Christmas Market almost certainly has exactly what you’re looking for.

Started six years ago by owner Ed “more as a hobby than as a business”, the Coffee House now stocks the largest range of coffee beans in the area, including Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world. It also carries a wide range of flavoured beans, speciality instant coffees, coffee making equipment and loose leaf teas. It really is a coffee lover’s paradise – right on your doorstep.

What makes Ed’s unique is its ability to respond to customers’ individual requirements. Said Ed “Our beans are fresh, but to get the best from your coffee it’s still essential to choose the correct grind depending on the coffee making equipment you have at home. Supermarkets usually offer only filter or espresso, but we can discuss your needs and grind accordingly. Also, when you buy from supermarkets, you don’t know how long ago your coffee was ground. It could have been left in a freezing warehouse for months – and cold conditions aren’t good for coffee.”.

And because it’s a family-run business that’s passionate and knowledgeable about what it does, Ed’s can also advise you on the coffees that will best meet your requirements. You can buy small quantities (as little as 100g) to take home and try, or create your own selection box to give as a gift.

Flavoured beans are another speciality. Ed explained “All our roasting is done in the UK. With our flavoured beans, oils and essences are added during roasting. Because they don’t contain any alcohol or sugar, a cup of our flavoured coffee, even one that sounds sweet, like Sticky Toffee, still comes in at only two calories a cup if drunk black. They’re also a great way to add an extra dimension to your baking. For example, our Maple Walnut works really well in Coffee and Walnut cake”.

It’s the quality and variety of coffees on sale at its stalls that makes Ed’s so outstanding. If you want the best, you can get it – right here in Cov; you don’t need to go elsewhere. Asked about the new stall at Ricoh Arena, Ed said “the footfall up there is fantastic, and we’re reconnecting with people who have stopped coming into the city centre”.

And with seasonal favourites like Ed’s famous Christmas Blend available from now until January, and possible health benefits of coffee drinking recently in the news, there’s never been a better time to get yourself down to one of Ed’s stalls. Said Ed “We like to give a personal service. We will help and advise you, we will grind for you, and sell small quantities for you to try”.

This review was written by Food Covolution, you can read more here.

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