Homeless households have increased by 1,163% since 2010

In 2010 there were 22 homeless households in Coventry, now there is 278, of which 210 are families with children, with a total of 505 children. Labour MP for Coventry North East, Colleen Fletcher, highlighted this statistic in a question to James Brokenshire, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government in the House […]

“Coventrians got it right, Brexit is the way forward” Cllr Glenn Williams talks Brexit

“On 23rd June 2016, Independence Day, the British public turned out in droves to stick two-fingers up to the Political Establishment by voting to leave the European Union. It wasn’t just national Government that they held in contempt, but our ‘establishment’ on Coventry City Council. On 26th May 2016 the City Council held an extraordinary […]

Coventry Foodbank supplies its 100,000th user

Coventry Foodbank hit a milestone this past Tuesday, supplying its 100,000th user with emergency supplies leaving staff and volunteers with mixed emotions, happy to provide such a service to those in need but with the realisation that things are not going to get easier with the instability of the current Government,the ongoing EU negotiations and […]

On This Day: 20th November 1459, The ‘Parliament of Devils’ assembles at Coventry

On this day in 1459 the ‘Wars of the Roses’ between the houses of Lancaster and York took on an increased ferocity. Parliament had not met for three and a half years, since March 1456, when it had been dissolved following the resignation of Richard, duke of York, as Protector and the nominal resumption of […]