Coventry Chemicals announced record-breaking revenues

Coventry Chemicals has announced record-breaking revenues of over £23m, an increase of 30% over three years following a period of significant investment in new plant and machinery. Building on this success and to reflect its ambitious growth plans in the UK and internationally, the business has unveiled a new identity, Mirius. The firm’s growth follows […]

Paneer Pioneer has it all wrapped up!

When you think of Indian food, you might think curry, you might think rice. One thing you maybe wouldn’t think is cheese – but Coventry’s Paneer Wrap Street Food Company is aiming to change all that with its delicious wraps filled with paneer, otherwise known as Indian cheese. “Anywhere you can put chicken, you can […]

South Asian immigrants from 1950s onwards showcased in new book

A collection of amazing images from one of Coventry’s most celebrated photographers are featured in a new book. Maganbhai Patel, better known as Masterji is set to launch his first book which includes 66 images taken during his career. Masterji’s book release comes a year after the ‘Masterji & Coventry’ exhibition in The Box at Fargo Village in 2016, with […]